Cecy® Classic Handbag Collection

Walk Through Your World with Elegance and Grace

Creating that truly magnificent accessory, the classic handbag, has always been my passion. That is why I am delighted to introduce my line of handbags that reflect beauty and functionality while offering day-to-night versatility for today’s on-the-go woman. My styles return to the classic and timeless elegance that is reminiscent of the polished styles that adorned Hollywood stars like Audrey Hepburn, Ingrid Bergman and Grace Kelly in the 1950s. During that golden age, understated, traditional styles blossomed and sophistication and grace were fashion staples. My desire was to reinterpret that style for women today through a collection of exclusive handbags, each one fittingly named for an outstanding actress of that time. Class never, ever goes out of style.

I care deeply about the quality, look and feel of my handbags. After many years traveling the world, I have gained a genuine appreciation for fine leather and material and found the ideal resources and talent to make them. Over the past five years, I have worked closely with the top-label handbag producers in Italy and I am proud of the handbags I have produced. I value craftsmanship and quality of materials above all else. In the later part of 2019, I also began to work with Italian artisans here in the USA. I am thrilled because this has allowed me to expedite production of my handbags without compromising the quality and high standards already established. My handbags are all carefully handcrafted in the USA and Italy, by skilled artisans that keep alive the craftsmanship that has made them famous all over the world.

My logo conveys a meaningful message. It represents peace and love through infinity. I couldn’t think of a more appropriate symbol to clearly define peace than a calla lily. The heart at the center of the infinity sign symbolizes everlasting love. By combining my favorite flower with my two favorite symbols, I created a logo with a very special meaning. To protect the logo’s uniqueness and add legitimacy my brand, the Peace and Love through Infinity logo and the name, Cecy®, are now both registered trademarks of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). My hope is that every woman who wears a Cecy® handbag will appreciate its quality, style, and the symbolic meaning of peace and love, not for a moment, but for a lifetime.

Here’s to falling in love with the classics… once again!

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