Creating that truly magnificent accessory, the classic handbag, has always been my dream but, initially, life took me in another direction. Upon graduating from the University of Florida, I went to work for a global, Fortune 500 company in the pharmaceutical industry. I fell in love with the field which allowed me to thrive, so much so that I started my own business. Now, almost twenty-five years later, my company has organized hundreds of medical conferences for pharmaceutical companies all around the world. Throughout those pursuits, my passion for handbags and my dream of one day designing them never wavered. Then one day in Milan, while walking through Via della Spiga, one of the world’s most famous shopping streets and home to exclusive and elegant boutiques of renowned luxury handbag designers, I had a vision that my handbags, too, would one day be featured among them.  It was then that I decided to embark on a new journey that would take me on the ride of my life.

Having traveled the world for many years, I had gained a genuine appreciation for fine leather and material and found the ideal resources and talent to make my handbags. This allowed me to create luxury handbags that reflect beauty and functionality while offering day-to-night versatility for today’s on-the-go woman. I was inspired by classic and timeless elegance reminiscent of fashion eras when understated, traditional styles blossomed, and sophistication and grace were fashion staples. My desire was to reinterpret those classic styles for contemporary women because I believe that classic elegance never, ever goes out of style.

Over the past several years, I have worked closely with the top-label handbag and metal manufacturers in Italy. This led me to some of the world’s greatest artisans here in the USA, where I now produce most of my handbags. I am thrilled because this has allowed me to expedite the production of my handbags without compromising their quality. Today, Cecy® handbags are handcrafted in the USA and Italy by the world’s most skilled artisans, who keep alive the craftsmanship which has made them famous all over the world. They are made of the finest quality materials, and natural exotic skins that are harvested legally and in accordance with all state, federal, and international wildlife regulations. The company that produces the hardware for Cecy® handbags uses the highest standards for metal and is regarded by the luxury handbag industry as a leader in the field. Cecy® handbags are not only exclusive, they are truly works of art.

The logo I designed for my handbags is a union of my favorite flower, the calla lily, a heart, and an infinity sign.* It symbolizes peace and infinite love…feelings which are central to my brand’s culture. My hope is that every woman who wears a Cecy® handbag will appreciate its quality, style, and the symbolic meaning of peace and love, not for a moment, but for a lifetime.

I believe in giving back to show gratitude for all successes and in doing what we can, when we can, for our neighbors in need. I am truly honored, in keeping with this commitment, to have formed special partnerships between Cecy® handbags and local charities. I am grateful that fulfilling my dream has also provided me with opportunities to support worthwhile philanthropic initiatives.

Cecy® handbags are recognized in important local, national, and international publications.

*The calla lily, heart and infinity sign logo and the name Cecy® are trademarks of Cecy, Inc. and are registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. All rights reserved.

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